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200 years of innovation: Caisse des Dépôts looks forwards

On 7 December at Maison de la Chimie in Paris, at the close of its Bicentenary year, the Caisse des Dépôts group presented 15 Trophées de l’innovation prize-winners projects. Bringing together 800 employees of the Group, this event honours innovation by showcasing the prototypes designed by the prize-winners teams.

Research and development

Trophées de l’innovation Caisse des Dépôts
Launched on 13 June 2016, the 6 challenges of the 2016 Trophées de l’innovation competition brought together more than 2,300 Group staff members on a collaborative platform, and resulted in 165 innovative ideas being put forward.


Participatory innovation for inventing the solutions of tomorrow

Over the course of 18 weeks, the participants were asked to put their heads together in devising solutions bearing on "innovation in local areas" and "working better together". An open, cross-cutting and collaborative approach with the purpose of encouraging innovative ideas through a joint project development arrangement. In this way everyone is able to suggest an idea, unsolicited and at any time, or comment on or fine-tune other ideas.


Making the ideas a reality

Out of the 165 ideas submitted, 15 were selected by a jury made up of external experts and Group members. Over the past few weeks, these ideas have been designed by imagining who their intended end users are, and prototyped by the teams, with assistance from the Group's experts and coaches


Testing and rolling the projects out more widely

Gathered within the innovation village, installed for the event in the Maison de la Chimie, the teams' prototypes are presented in the form of scale models, mobile apps or websites. They have a day to convince the audience of the potential of their ideas. 

To do this, they will have the opportunity of testing them among future users, seeking out testing grounds and internal sponsors who may then enable them to roll their projects out more widely.


Find out about the 15 winning projects of the 2016 Trophées de l’innovation competition:



Workspace in progress

Our ways of working are going to have to change. The all-in-one office no longer reflects the way we do things. This project outlines a more collaborative office which can be pooled in some cases, third places and a range of open-access support spaces more in tune with professional and personal expectations which may arise over a working day. It incorporates digital equipment and services for individuals. It provides participants with a range of features offering greater comfort, efficiency and respect for the environment.

Comex Lab’

Comex Lab’ is a laboratory serving corporate democracy, which will comprise volunteers from Caisse des Dépôts Group staff. The necessary qualifications will mainly involve motivation, creativity and the desire to share personal expertise with the members of the Management Committee. Comex Lab’ may be called on to work on specific subjects (environmental, transport or housing strategy for example) and may also submit issues for examination and operational ideas to the Management Committee.

Adopt an expert

Let's share our skills within our company! The "Adopte un expert" (Adopt an expert) app is a way for people looking for one-off help in their professional duties to be put in touch with people who have the relevant expertise. All you have to do is register to create your profile and post your request or proposal. This solution increases productivity, develops solidarity and mutual assistance between staff, provides insight into other professions and nurtures ties. At the same time, it makes it possible to enrich a database of knowledge and training needs within the company.

Yes we coin

The CrypToMeet platform, designed exclusively for staff members, will aim at stimulating the creation and exchange of value within the Caisse des Dépôts Group. The first stage will entail circulating a virtual currency, the CDCoin, and giving everyone access to it via a mobile app. Every employee at Caisse de Dépots will be able to earn CDCoins by exchanging goods, services and expertise. The aim of the platform is to foster cross-disciplinarity and a good-natured atmosphere!

Yes We Coin is a unique opportunity to help the Group's staff to adapt to a new culture and to gain collective understanding of an emerging generation of trusted third parties, based on a disruptive technology: the Blockchain.

The Rénov’tout community

The Rénov’tout community would like to give a new lease of life to the objects in our possession. It brings together, within the company, in a dedicated or mobile space, a community of recycling specialists who share their talents, foster creativity and reuse resources.

The structure is based on 4 pillars. Collaborative: we act and we learn to act together. Participatory: A workshop led by its members, who pool their talents. A commitment to develop the circular economy. An awareness in the social and solidarity economy..



Pierre sur Mer

This project is intended for owners of cooperatively owned apartment buildings by the sea, whose common areas and the property itself have seen better days and are no longer as appealing. With "Pierre-sur-Mer" (Stone-on-Sea) they have a turnkey service, for no cost! The aim: to provide them with a real estate operation on-site, on the one hand to finance measures to bring the cooperatively owned residential complex into conformity as regards the risk of submersion and, on the other, to enhance the common areas.

Yapakeu…la plage

YAPAKEU is an app giving tourists staying on the Occitan coast the chance to find out all about the wealth and variety of activities on offer near their accommodation.

It aims to boost the region's tourist appeal by showcasing the treasures of the hinterland, in addition to the seaside activities. The app uses mapping indicating all of the tourist possibilities in the area, including options for more intimate and authentic experiences (walking trails, atypical places, discovery of traditional trades from yesteryear, etc.)



The energy-plus motorway

The "energy-plus motorway" is aiming to turn the motorway into a fully-fledged urban green lung for its surrounding area, from the point of view of both the environment and the local economy.

To achieve this, renewable energy sources are developed by and around the motorway; green mobility is encouraged there. Users and local stakeholders are invited to fund these installations through crowdfunding. The local economy is given a boost through the networking between users and local stakeholders. The tourist heritage is showcased thanks to the development of tourist proposals geared towards motorway users.

WATT People

WattPeople is a social energy network enabling consumers to pool their resources, ideas, projects and energy (in literal and figurative terms), thereby becoming "consum'actors" of the energy in their community. WattPeople supports the development of renewable energy projects. 3 principles underpin the network:

  • transactions of energy and services between community members via a virtual currency, the WattCoin
  • energy efficiency "challenges"
  • solidarity through donations in WattCoins within the community.

The economic balance of the whole relies on the overall energy savings made within the community.



My Living Space

The metropolisation of local areas, whereby they develop and interconnect further through population growth and expanding services, risks creating commuter towns in peri-urban municipalities and further exacerbating the depopulation of rural areas. The solution: "My Living Space, the place of tomorrow for users of territories of today". As a thriving living environment, this space adapts to the municipalities and residents by providing a local set of economic and social services genuinely meeting the daily needs and wants of users, including building management, refreshments, services to individuals, co-working, medical centre, sociocultural activities, inter-generational spaces, makers, public spaces, community gardens, sporting activities, digital technology and telecentre for example.

Coup de Pousse

"Coup de Pousse" is a solution to facilitate the flow of skills around a given territory.

Its platform makes it possible to put someone looking for help with developing a project in touch with a skills provider.

The time invested in the service provided coincides with the provider's working time (whether a company employee or self-employed) and is paid, in part, using a "Coup de pousse" voucher system furnished by the recipients.

It's a win-win situation: the company enhances its CSR, the provider plays a part in local development and the recipients get easier access to local expertise.



Cross-border hub

Every day, 250,000 people residing in France cross the borders into Switzerland, Luxembourg or Belgium for business purposes in particular. The project: providing comprehensive mobility solutions (Bus Rapid Transit, car sharing between individuals or car sharing rental services, cycles).

How: by building a Rapid Transit parking area called the CROSS-BORDER HUB. This cylindrical real estate project will be adjustable in line with different territories, and scalable over time. It will comprise parking spaces as well as commercial and tertiary slots (co-working areas, local businesses, administrative departments) and could become a place of sharing.


The Community of cross-border investors

The Community of cross-border investors sets out to help cross-border projects to emerge, develop and find funding through capacity-building between investors. Its advantages: engineering and consultancy services as well as an engineering fund for resolving technical and regulatory difficulties, a bank of qualified projects to encourage investment, a resource base, a fully-fledged platform of shared economic intelligence, thematic meetings between investors to encourage experience-sharing and networking to foster a sense of belonging to the Community.



Melting toque à la française

The 2024 Olympics and Paralympics are an opportunity to promote France's multicultural wealth.

How? By showcasing the diversity of culinary specialities of the communities living in the neighbourhoods concerned by the Games. Our solution: foodtrucks set up near the Olympic sites, made available to the women's associations benefiting from the scheme. To secure the future of the scheme, the foodtrucks will be proposed to entrepreneurs in the neighbourhoods via micro-loans enabling them to purchase the vehicles, get their driving licence and take a hygiene training course.

The outcome: Inclusive Games with lasting effects!


JO-GO is an app. It provides pedestrians with itineraries by assessing their accessibility in real-time.

The outcome depends on the user's situation, the physical characteristics of the itinerary and feedback. The geographic data is added to in real-time by a community of users and "guardian angels" (reporting obstacles, posting comments and so on). The public and private operators of the city thus have ranked information at their fingertips regarding the actual and desired use made of the street. This will help them to prioritise accessibility work, respond to temporary obstacles, control compensation payouts for pedestrian accidents and document complaints.


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