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In 2016, Bpifrance injected €24.4bn into the economy

On 31 January, Bpifrance presented the report on its 2016 activity, with in particular €24.4bn injected in the economy. The 4th year of growth recorded by Bpifrance. 2016 is also the year of the creation of a support activity for companies through advising, training and linkage.


N Dufourcq présente l’activité de Bpifrance en 2016

The key takeaways:




  • 2016 was the 4th consecutive year of growth for Bpifrance in all its businesses. In loans, the unsecured loans, specific to Bpifrance, grew by 20%, in the context of 10% overall growth of investment loans. The equity business increased by 31%. The average amount of secured loans, that is increasing, or even the relative decline of treasury funding, are a sign of the overall improvement in the health of SMEs;
  • the year was particularly active in terms of financing and support of export: Export loans beat a record at €729mn, or a 50% increase compared to 2015. Export credit (buyer credit and vendor credit) confirmed its launch at €30mn for the year and offers good prospects for 2017. The continuum of services for export was complemented by the creation of the Export Insurance business in January 2017 (transfer of public guarantees from Coface);
  • Finally, 2016 will have been marked by the very powerful upswing of the support professions, a new business for Bpifrance: consulting, training and networking. 5,500 companies were supported over 2,100 consultancy missions, 250 events and 45 training sessions. Over 31,000 individuals were therefore advised, trained or networked with partners or potential customers. In addition to the dedicated accelerators for start-ups and SMEs, the Middle market company accelerator was created in the first quarter, bringing the number of companies accelerated by Bpifrance to 190.



Schéma activité de Bpifrance en 2016
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