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High 2016 performance for the Caisse des Dépôts group

The Caisse des Dépôts group shows a high performance for year 2016, with a recurring profit of €1.564bn, with a 3% increase, and a an attributable net profit of €1.783bn, with a 30% increase. This performance results from the contribution of the Group subsidiaries, with a high increase (42%) and from an active management of the Central Sector portfolios.


I have set in motion plans to rejuvenate our asset portfolio and galvanise our subsidiaries afresh with two aims in mind. The first is naturally to shore up our consolidated shareholders' equity so as to safeguard our future room for manoeuvre. The second is to achieve greater consistency and strengthen our Group-wide approach, with subsidiaries necessarily fitting into our overall strategy to support public policy and transitions. Caisse des Dépôts needs to be a Group and not merely a conglomeration of strategic holdings."

Pierre-René Lemas, Chief Executive Officer of the Caisse des Dépôts group



PR Lemas lors de la présentation des résultats 2016 du groupe Caisse des Dépôts

The Caisse des Dépôts Group's 2016 figures are contributing to the growth in the Group's attributable consolidated shareholders' equity, which was up by €2.6bn to €34.2bn on 31 December 2016.

The contribution of the Caisse des Dépôts division to the consolidated net income was €557mn in 2016 compared to €507mn in 2015. The contribution of the subsidiaries to the Group's attributable net profit stands at €1.226bn in 2016 – a 42% increase on the 2015 €864mn amount.

The savings funds show a profit from ordinary activities of €1.335bn and a net profit of €621mn. The savings fund loan activity has remained buoyant in 2016, with a continuingly high volume of new loans signed of €17.3bn, cementing the savings funds' involvement in the French economy.


Activity that is continuing to thrive in 2016 for the benefit of local areas: €5.7bn worth of equity investments, €17.3bn in savings fund loans and €24.4bn injected into the economy by Bpifrance. Add to that a raft of innovative financing solutions: subsidised long-term financing loan (of €2bn over the 2016-2019 period) for social housing operators, export financing, the investment platform dedicated to tourism, France Développement Tourisme, and the new fund for investment in the social and solidarity economy, NovESS.

And customers, with the launch of the individual occupational account/CPA portal, Ciclade (for tracking down unclaimed assets and dormant bank accounts) and the platform for the digital development of local areas.


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