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Launch of the first Trophées de l’innovation HLM

Union sociale pour l’habitat (Social Housing Union - USH), the Caisse des Dépôts group, Caisse d’Epargne, Arkéa Banque entreprises et institutionnels and GRDF launched the first Trophées de l’innovation HLM (Social Housing Innovation Trophees), to be awarded on 28  September on the occasion of the 78th Congrès HLM (Social Housing Congress) in Strasbourg.

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DR Groupe Gambetta Cinq Jardins - Saint Barthélémy d'Anjou

Innovation in social housing is multi-faceted: technical, technological, architectural, as well as social and environmental. The first Trophées de l’Innovation HLM (Social housing innovation awards) will acknowledge initiatives in the social housing sector by rewarding the most innovative ones implemented within the social housing organisations in partnership with companies and associations.


Awards will be given in three innovation categories:

  • Prix de l’innovation Technique (Technical Innovation Prize) (GRDF partnership) for technological innovations, particularly those that are digital, that revolutionise the life cycle of housing production;
  • Prix de l’innovation sociale (Social Innovation Prize) (Caisse d’Epargne Group partnership), for social innovations (reinventing client relationships, developing new services in line with usage and societal developments);
  • Prix de l’innovation liée au développement local (Innovation Prize related to Local Development) (partnership with Arkéa Banque entreprises et institutionnels) for participatory initiatives, citizen involvement, and a sharing economy associated with projects that favour social housing and territorial development.


    A Prix coup de cœur award will also be selected, in partnership with the Caisse des Dépôts group, the official partner of 2017 Social Housing Congress. This award is a logical continuation of the innovation process to promote social housing initiated by the Caisse des Dépôts group, primarily with regard to transformation design.

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