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Responsible investment

Signatories of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), taking into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is an integral part of our investment policies.


An investor in patient capital, we are committed over the long-term. In order to protect the value of our portfolios over this long-term, we link consideration of environmental, social and governance criteria (climate change, depletion of resources, job creation, social instability, fraud, etc.) to the strategic and financial analysis of our investments.

We direct these in order to contribute profitably to a balanced and sustainable development of the economy and society.


Our investment policies, approved by the Supervisory Board, involve formal commitments towards sustainable funding which are realised through our intervention policies, our Responsible Investment Charter and its themed appendices.

Our responsible investor approach relies on three pillars :



We systematically seek to analyse and take into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) parameters likely to have an impact on the performance of our investments..


We monitor the development of the ESG challenges of the companies in which we invest and we support them to encourage their progress. To do this we rely on two mechanisms:

  • voting : we exercise our voting right in all the general meetings of companies in our portfolio, all the while relying on demanding standards;
  • dialogue : if we detect an issue of an ESG nature with a company, we endeavour to engage in a constructive dialogue.


We support companies in a progressive approach in terms of SER, value creation for the investor, enterprise and society. When such an approach is not possible due to non-adherence to applicable major standards of French and international law, we exclude the companies from our investment portfolios.

To promote transparency, our corporate social responsibility report integrates a responsible investment report designed to take into account, every year, the implementation of our Charter by all of our investment activities. We also publish a detailed annual report on the implementation of PRIs.


We rely on our ability to influence in order to promote, alongside other major investors, the consideration of ESG issues by the different stakeholders of the financial system involved in the investment process.

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