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SNI Group: for a better access to housing for hospital staff

On 20 April, the SNI group and Fédération hospitalière de France (the French Hospitals Federation - FHF) signed a partnership agreement in favour of the development of social or intermediate housing for hospital staff. The staff of the FHF hospitals will so be able to afford a broad housing offer in specific geographical areas on rental terms consistent with their incomes.

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Personnel hospitalier

Through this five-year partnership, hospital staff will get special access to information about the middle-income and open rental housing available from the SNI Group, whether they are interested in existing housing or new builds.


At the same time, hospitals are committing to offering up their available land for the construction of housing. With each member of the FHF (Hospital Federation of France), the SNI Group will thus be able to look into the possibilities for building and promoting real estate and, where applicable, acquiring or leasing land for building social or middle-income housing.


A Yché et F Valletoux
"The signing of this agreement sets the stage for holding discussions with member hospitals of the FHF,” says André Yché, Chairman of the Board of the SNI Group. “The aim is to cater to the housing needs of civil servants working in the hospital sector, including young managers and young doctors."



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