40 million vocational training personal accounts (CPF) open

Since 5 January 2015, 40 million people, holders of a vocational training personal account, can reach their individual account registering on the dedicated webpage.

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23 million employees and jobseekers can now access the secure space to consult their account, enter the balance of their individual training right (DIF) hours outstanding or fill in an application for training.

Opening an individual training account in the secure section of the website gives each new account-holder the means of playing an active part in his or her professional career, by choosing certified courses that will both boost personal career development and satisfy the demands of the job market. The open-access website, which went live on 24 November, has since added a search module for certified courses available under the individual training account.

Other services are to be developed in 2015, including the career guidance, training and skills passport. In 2016, for the first time, individual accounts will be updated to show the entitlement acquired in 2015, based on annual employee data provided by employers.

The individual training account is aimed at everyone over the age of 16 in employment or looking for work, to enable them to play an active part in their own professional career development by signing up for certified training courses throughout their working life.


Under the terms of the Vocational Training, Employment and Social Democracy Act of 5 March 2014, Caisse des Dépôts is responsible for managing the CPF information system. Strategic project management was provided by the General Delegation for Employment and Vocational Training ( DGEFP ). The scheme is financed by the State and the Joint Fund for Securing Professional Pathways ( FPSPP ).


Access the website: www.moncompteformation.gouv.fr

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