Acting in favour of ecology and biodiversity in your local area

If you are looking to develop your local area sustainably and responsibly, and have the City of tomorrow in mind: public transport, tourism and leisure infrastructure, buildings, digital technology ... If you are taking renewable energy sources and respect for biodiversity on board in your projects as well as the demographic transition: we can fund, secure and support your ambitions.

Public institution services

Financing long-term projects

Would you like to finance transport, very high speed, hospital, higher education, flood prevention, waste recovery or water infrastructure, public buildings or social housing subsidies? From 2013 to 2017, €20bn worth of loans have been made available to the whole of the local public sector, including €5bn for funding projects associated with the energy transition.

Financing the development of renewable energies

Are you looking for an investor to develop renewable energies in your local area? As part of project funding arrangements, we team up with industrial and financial partners (banks, pension funds, life insurance companies) to bring your projects to life.

Developing sustainable cities

We are helping to develop sustainable cities by financing eco-districts, public transport and infrastructure within cities, all the while preserving urban biodiversity.

Subsidiaries’ services

Succeeding the energy transition

Egis is your best contact for all your energy projects at different scales (building, neighbourhood or local area-wide) and provides a portfolio of innovative solutions for meeting the need to diversify your energy mix, optimise the performance of your buildings, develop energy-plus buildings, reduce carbon emissions and more.

Adapting to climate change

Egis assists you with assessing, planning for, preventing and controlling the climate risk. Our teams make use of an extensive range of expert appraisals, methodological approaches and innovative solutions to adapt to climate change and meet the associated challenges, in a resilient local area-wide mindset.

Supporting the energy transition

Would you like to define an energy plan for your local area? Receive advice about building, operating or renovating your real estate? Define innovative financial, legal and technical project leadership? SCET can help you to see your energy transition through successfully.

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