Arpavie : a new Group to house and to support the elderly

The Caisse des Dépôts Group participates in the creation of Arpavie associative group, which will manage 127 residences for the elderly and will develop its activities on housing and support for the self-sustaining and dependent elderly.

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Visuel Arpavie
Réduire le texteSubject to approval of the merger operation of three associations, Arefo, Arpad and Arepa, by the Autorité de la concurrence (France’s national competition regulator), the new Arpavie group will be made up of 127 establishments (47 EHPADs*, 77 sheltered accommodation facilities, 2 subsidised rental housing units with services and a SSIAD*), 80% of which are in Ile-de-France and 20 % in other regions. Arpavie will employ nearly 3,000 staff and achieve a turnover greater than €200mn.


At the initiative of its founding members - the Caisse des Dépôts (Caisse des Dépôts, SNI and Icade) and Action Logement groups – and institutional partners already involved in the three associations, Arpavie will develop its activities on professions covering all the aspects of accommodation and support of independent and dependant elderly people. Arpavie therefore intends to become the leader in the non-profit voluntary sector of elderly accommodation. The legal creation of the new association will take place on 01 January 2016.


This ambitious project, serving the public interest, responds fully to the desires of the public authorities and aims to offer the best quality services and care to the elderly, especially those on the lowest incomes.


* EHPAD: Accommodation Establishment for Dependent Elderly People. SSIAD: home nursing services.

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