Banque des Territoires inaugurated in Rouen!

On 27 November in Rouen Banque des Territoires Normandie was inaugurated by Olivier Sichel, Deputy CEO of Caisse des Dépôts and CEO Banque des Territoires, in the presence of many clients and representatives of the French State of Normandy.

Territory development

The richness of the Norman territories lies in their wide diversity: rural towns and cities, an industrial Seine valley and dynamic agriculture, a touristic coastline and exceptional cultural heritage... Our aim, through Banque des Territories, is precisely to embrace this diversity and take it into account in the projects that we support, to serve the Normans.

Olivier Sichel


O Sichel lors de l’inauguration de la Banque des Territoires à Rouen
In 2017, the Banque des Territoires’ Rouen body, that covers the Seine-Maritime and the Eure départements, has provided:
  • €358mn in saving fund loans, particularly to enable the construction of 1,691 new social housing units and to rehabilitate 18,827 social housing units and accommodation spaces, for a total amount of €355mn.


  • €2.5mn to local authorities for the rehabilitation of public buildings;
  • over €7mn in own fund investments to fund projects revitalising local development;
  • €11.6mn to legal professions, including 96 loans awarded to notary publics in 2017.


Next step: Strasbourg on 29 November

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