Banque des Territoires inaugurated in Strasbourg!

On 29 November in Strasbourg, Banque des Territoires Grand Est was inaugurated by Olivier Sichel, Deputy CEO of Caisse des Dépôts and Director of Banque des Territoires, in the presence of many partners, clients and representatives of the Government in the Grand Est region.

Territory development

Banque des Territoires’ mission is to provide its clients with solutions as quickly as possible, to promote more sustainable, more connected, more inclusive and more attractive territories. More specifically, we help with the production of renewable energies in rural municipalities, similarly to the Belfays wind farm mixed-ownership company. We also assist French citizens in their everyday lives: 185 families from Cité Sellier, housed by CUS Habitat, will benefit from significant energy savings: their accommodation will go from an E-label to a B-label after works. In the same vein, we help with major innovative projects in all territories on a daily basis, and an example is the significant project to deploy high-speed internet across the entire Grand Est region and which has started here, in Alsace, with the large Rosace project.

Olivier Sichel




In 2017, the Alsace division of the Banque des Territoires in Strasbourg, which covers the Haut-Rhin and the Bas-Rhin départements, as well as the Pays de Bitche, has provided:

  • €319m in new loans to local authorities, social accommodation organisations and organisations from the medical and social sector;
  • €27m in own fund investments to fund projects revitalising local development.


The Alsace directorate also manages €1bn in outstanding amounts relating to legal professions.


Next step: Orleans on 8 January 2019








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