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Bpifrance Le Lab study: confirmed and strong improvement of the SMEs situation

The results of the 65th business survey on the SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) published on 21 July by Bpifrance Le Lab confirm: the situation of the SMEs improved during 2017 1st half-year and continued amplifying 2016 recovery. Activity and recruitment accelerated, financial health improved and investment progressed.


65ème enquête de conjoncture des PME Bpifrance Le Lab
The main information to be taken from this survey carried out among 4,500 SMEs:
  • The business outlook has picked up with respect to 2016: in May, 40% of SMEs expect to see their 2017 turnover rise, and 19% expect to see a fall;



  • the employment indicator is increasing and the SMEs report experiencing recruitment difficulties, with 34% reporting great difficulties;
  • the acceleration in activity is more consistent this year, with two sectors that were still experiencing difficulties in 2016 (construction and tourism) catching up;
  • the financial situation has made a significant recovery, with a more flexible cash position and increasing profitability;
  • investment forecasts are improving: in May 2017, 50% of the SMEs in the sample were planning to make at least one investment in the year.


According to Philippe Mutricy, Director of Studies at Bpifrance, this survey "very clearly confirms the French economy's emergence from the crisis, with a series of very positive indicators, and it is highly likely that this good climate is here to stay. Our economy may experience a golden age conducive to investment and employment over the next 30 months."



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