Care of diabetes: the PIA supports the Mellidem project via Bpifrance

The Mellidem project, which aims at developing a French network of excellence in the field of the medical devices to manage diabetes, is granted €11mn within the framework of the Program of investments for the future (PIA) via Bpifrance.

Research and development

Accompagner les patients diabétiques
The total cost of the research and development (R&D) project is €22.4mn over 4 years. Mellidem is a consortium led by ValoTec, the project leader, and includes:
  • ValoTec, specialising in the development of innovative medical devices;
  • Diabeloop, which is developing an artificial pancreas;
  • Cellnovo Group, which is developing a connected insulin micropump;
  • CERITD* which provides its acknowledged expertise on diabetes;
  • two academic partners: the C2N (Centre de nanosciences et de nanotechnologies – Centre for Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies) laboratory, and the ITODYS (Interfaces, traitements, organisation et dynamique des systèmes – Interfaces, Processing, Organisation and Dynamics of Systems) laboratory.

That collaborative public/private research allows solutions to be developed that lead to better care for patients suffering from diabetes, and, in particular, a specific, tailored response to be provided for severe and/or unbalanced types of diabetes patients, in order to offer them better quality of life, better monitoring, and better management of insulin requirements, with a reduction in complications over the long term.


Bpifrance is the managing operator of Projets de recherche et développement structurants pour la compétitivité (PSPC – Structuring Research and Development Projects for Competitiveness) for the PIA (Programme of Investments for the Future), steered by the Commissariat général à l’investissement (CGI – Commissariat General for Investment). The aim of those projects is to structure industrial sectors or make new ones emerge. They aim at strengthening the positions of French businesses in buoyant markets, and, more widely, the economic position of a business fabric, by strengthening or building long-lasting collaborative relationships between industries, services, and research bodies.


*Centre d’études et de recherche pour l’intensification du traitement du diabète – Centre for Studies and Research to Intensify the Treatment of Diabetes


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