CDC Arkhineo

CDC Arkhinéo, a 100% subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts, is France’s leading company in the field of archiving and long-term conservation of electronic data.

As a trusted third party, it plays the role of “electronic depositary”; its SaaS (Software as a Service) system ensures integrated secure conservation of all types of electronic documents (invoices, pay slips, savings plan subscriptions, loan agreements, work contracts, evidence files, etc.).


Illustration CDC Arkhineo
CDC Arkhinéo currently archives digital data for such clients as, Auchan, BNP Paribas, Carrefour, Docupost Fast, Coface, LCL, Leclerc, Orange Business Services and Safran. With more than one billion documents archived on its electronic archiving platform, CDC Arkhinéo is a benchmark actor on the probative value archiving market.
Key figure for 2015
  • +1 billion archived documents
  • 19 million archives a month
  • 7.3 archives/second
  • 70 partners
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