CDC Biodiversité

A pioneer in the field of environmental protection, CDC Biodiversité is a Caisse des Dépôts subsidiary.

Established in 2008, the company provides concrete responses to the issues involved in protecting and making best use of natural heritage, lending its support to enterprises, local government bodies, project owners and public authorities in their efforts to preserve biodiversity. Its threefold expertise in the fields of ecology, land and finance enables it to act as a trusted third party on behalf of project owners, local government bodies and enterprises, which entrust it with overseeing their voluntary or regulatory (compensation) action on restoration and management of natural areas.

Visuel CDC Biodiversité


CDC Biodiversité also heads up Caisse des Dépôts’s Mission Economie de la Biodiversité (MEB), which makes active contributions in France and abroad to innovations bearing on such issues by carrying out research and development work the results of which are regularly published in the BIODIV’2050 newsletter and the Cahiers de BIODIV’2050.

Key Figure
  • 32 employees
  • €5 million in turnover
  • Participation in some 40 ecological compensation projects since 2008, contributing to preservation and rehabilitation of almost 5,000 hectares of land
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