City of Bastia: signing of the first FIPHFP agreement in Corsica

On 24 February, Pierre Savelli, Mayor of Bastia, and Marc Desjardins, Manager of the Fund for the insertion of the disabled people in the public service (FIPHFP - managed by Caisse des Dépôts) signed a 3-year agreement to consolidate the City policy regarding how disability is taken into account in the work organization. It is the 1st FIPHFP agreement signed in Corsica.

Medical-social sector and solidarity

M Desjardins, P Savelli et L Pellegri

Other agreements are in the process of being examined with various public employers.


With a total budget of €396,000 (€282,000 of which is being provided by the Fund for the integration of disabled people in the civil service - FIPHFP), this agreement gives concrete expression to the existing partnership and builds on the different measures already under way: the City of Bastia is Corsica's number 1 employer in terms of mobilising the FIPHFP's aid and the employment rate among disabled workers has reached 14.83%.  This is much better than the legal target of 6%, and the territorial civil service average at national level, which stands at 6.22%.

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