Clermont-Ferrand: more than €1mn in the service of a renewed and sustainable territory

On 21 January in Clermont-Ferrand, Caisse des Dépôts set up two pivotal partnerships to support the economic development of Clermont-Ferrand territory concerning the issues of territorial solidarity, social cohesion and environmental responsibility: a draft agreement with Clermont Communauté for €300,000 and an “intracting” agreement with Université Blaise Pascal for €845,000.

Energy and the environment

Vue générale de l’Université Blaise Pascal
The memorandum of understanding with Clermont Ferrand community


Signing the memorandum of understanding marks the ambition of Caisse des Dépôts to be a major stakeholder in territorial transition. It has brought together its subsidiaries Egis, Bpifrance, SNI (SCIC Habitat Auvergne-Bourbonnais), and Scet, which are associated with the operation out of the Group’s desire to mobilise all its know-how in the service of territory projects.

Caisse des Dépôts will provide Clermont community with technical expertise and know-how, and it will finance, through €300,000 in engineering credits (spread over three years), preparatory studies and preparatory work on the territory project. Moreover, it will boost its role as lender and investor, in particular in the service of financing social housing, as well as digital, environmental, and transport infrastructures.


Intracting agreement with Blaise Pascal University

Intracting is a recent offer that involves using a dedicated fund to finance light energy-efficiency actions with the aim for owners to reduce their building operating costs. The savings generated by a fall in energy consumption enable initial investment expenditure to be amortised, or those savings can be put back into new operations, in accordance with the principle of a virtuous chain. 99 energy-performance actions with an updated time of return on investment of less than 10 years have been identified for the university site at Les Cézeaux, and should be rolled out quickly. The economic and energy gains expected are estimated, at €1.169mn over 10 years and 1.9 GWh per year, respectively, i.e. an annual reduction of 4.8% against the current energy consumption of the site, and of 1,703 m3 of water.

The agreement plans for investment of €1.69mn, to which Caisse des Dépôts will contribute €845,000.

La convention prévoit un montant d’investissement de 1,69 M€, auquel la Caisse des Dépôts contribuera à hauteur de 845 000 €.

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