Climate and ESG: Novethic looked into 72 institutional investors’ reports

Novethic issued its 3rd analysis on the climate and ESG1 reports - known as the 173 reports - of the major French institutional investors. The main finding: while the most committed investors are becoming more sophisticated in their strategy each year, the gap is widening with the wait-and-see investors.

Energy and the environment

Couverture de l’étude 2019 Novethic sur les rapports 173

For three years now, France's biggest institutional investors – accounting for nearly €3tn worth of assets – have been required to publish non-financial reports with a climate focus, pursuant to Article 173 of the energy transition legislation, which bears on assessment of the impact of climate risks on investments and the volume of green financing.


In these reports they need to set out their ESG strategy and describe how they factor the climate into their strategy. In this way, every year Novethic analyses the ESG reports of France's biggest institutional investors.


  • €2.45tn: this is the total amount of assets held by France's top 100 institutional investors
  • 72 of them2 submit an ESG report
  • 1.07% of their assets are green financing (not including real estate)
  • 25% of them apply a coal exclusion strategy to their portfolios
  • Some ten of them are involved in the ClimateAction 100+ investor initiative



(1) Environmental, social and governance

(2) Including Caisse des Dépôts, CNP Assurances, CNRACL, ERAFP, FRR and Ircantec.

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