CNP Assurances: cardiac defibrillators in local authority territories

CNP Assurances Foundation is launching a new call for projects dedicated to local authorities committed to implanting cardiac defibrillators on their territories and training the population in their use.

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Défibrillateur cardiaque - Logo Fondation CNP Assurances

Created in 1993, CNP Assurances Foundation aims to promote, support and initiate actions and public interest projects developed in the health sector.


CNP Assurances Foundation has chosen, since 2009, to contribute to improving the care of people suffering from a heart attack by encouraging local authorities to install defibrillators in public spaces and raise awareness of first aid actions with as many people as possible. Since 2009, it has financed the installation of 3,600 cardiac defibrillators and awareness raising actions on their use for over 2,300 towns and local authorities.


The application forms must be submitted before 28 October 2018.
To find out how to submit a project, read the press release on the CNP Assurances website (in French)



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