CNP Assurances: favoring the implementation of cardiac defibrillators in the cities

CNP Assurances Foundation invites the cities of France to present their projects to provide the public with automated external defibrillators, to inform any citizen and to make him able to operate them and first-aid in the event of cardiac arrest.

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Visuel CNP défibrillateurs
At the service of major public health challenges, the CNP Assurances Foundation has, since 2009, been choosing to contribute to improving the care of people suffering heart attacks by encouraging French towns to install defibrillators in public places and making as many people as possible aware of first aid techniques.


For six years, it has been launching many calls for projects and funding the installation of over 3,000 cardiac defibrillators and population awareness raising actions on their use in over 2,000 towns and local authorities, for a figure of €1,973,000.


To find out how to apply before 29 January 2016, read the press release

The Foundation’s commitment regarding heart attacks and first aid

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