The CNP Assurances Foundation finances the installation of cardiac defibrillators on GR20 in Corsica

In the service of the major public health challenges for more than 20 years, the CNP Assurances Foundation supports the Regional Natural Reserve in Corsica for the installation of cardiac defibrillators in 16 refuges situated on the GR20 Great Walk path.

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Refuge d’Ortu di U Piobbu sur le GR20
The GR20 is a benchmark amongst the long-distance footpaths in Europe. It crosses the Corsican mountain range from north to south, and it is also one of Europe’s most beautiful and sporting footpaths. Fondation CNP Assurances has decided to provide financial support worth €10,900 to Parc naturel régional de Corse to install 16 cardiac defibrillators in the refuges that lie along the footpath. The refuges lie at an altitude of above 1,500 metres, and can only be reached on foot; they receive between 8,000 and 10,000 people each year.

The Foundation will also finance training and awareness of how to use the defibrillators, as a priority for the refuge caretakers and subsequently for all the people involved in the sectors concerned.


The 16 cardiac defibrillators will be installed in the refuges at: Ortu di U Piobbu and Carozzu (Calenzana), Ascu Stagnu (Ascu), Tighjettu (Albertacce), Ciottulu di i mori (Albertacce), Manganu (Orto), Petra Piana (Venaco), Onda (Venaco), Prati (Palneca), Usciolu (Cozzano), Asinau (Quenza), Paliri (Conca), A Sega (Corte), Puscaghja (Evisa), Bocchi Nera, Cuscionu Plateau (Quenza), and Matalza (Zicavo).



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