Our levers as a responsible investor

As a trusted manager, our levers as a responsible investor are based on the incorporation of ESG criteria on all of our investments, a long-term shareholder commitment and exclusions.


Our responsible investor practices cover all of our financial business affairs: management of investment portfolios, funding issued by the Banque des Territoires and Bpifrance (loans and capital injections for social housing providers, the local public sector and companies) and the management of our holdings.

Our levers as a responsible investor are based on three main principles :


  • Using the savings of French citizens for the sustainable development of our country
  • 100% ESG (environmental, social and governance criteria) incorporated in all investment decisions and carbon neutrality of our asset portfolios by 2050
  • Shareholder commitment through systematic dialogue with the management of portfolio companies to encourage them to adopt sustainable development strategies
  • Normative and sectoral exclusions (on fossil fuels, tobacco, armament, etc.). 

Responsible investor in the service of your savings

At the core of our duties, we use a share of your savings (Livret A savings account, sustainable and solidarity development passbook account, people’s saving passbook account, etc.) to fund projects promoting sustainable development in the regions:

  • social housing,
  • construction and renovation of public buildings (primary and secondary schools, sixth-form colleges, etc.), hospitals and universities,
  • ecological transition projects: renewable energy, clean transport, energy renovation of council housing, etc.


We also place a share of the funds in investment portfolios (bonds, stocks, etc.) to safeguard and pay interest on your savings.

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The funding of these projects in the regions and our portfolios are managed 100% responsibly according to 3 key principles .




Sustainable and solidarity development passbook account (LDDS): for green projects.

Thanks to your savings, for every euro collected through the LDDS, 1 euro goes towards a green project that we fund. What kind of projects?

From thermal renovation and construction of social housing to standards that go beyond current thermal regulations, renewable energy production infrastructure, clean transport, etc

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ESG incorporation, shareholder commitment and exclusions

In order to direct all of our financial business affairs, in 2012 we established a responsible investment charter based on three key principles:

  • incorporation of ESG (environmental, social and governance criteria) in all investment decisions ;
  • shareholder commitment through dialogue with the management of portfolio companies ;
  • normative and sectoral exclusions.

Themed policies supplement this charter and focus on priority issues:

  • our voting policy and the principles of governance for listed companies,
  • the exclusion of activities in countries that contribute to financial fraud,
  • the climate.

Our responsible investment policy, consisting of the charter and themed policies, is regularly updated by the Group’s Executive Committee. 




100% of our stock invested through ESG incorporation

ESG analyses, performed prior to any investment decisions, are systematically presented to the Investment Committee and are regularly updated throughout the duration of the holding. ESG risk analyses are carried out in parallel, in particular those related to the climate and tax liability.


100% of votes at general meetings

Our shareholder commitment is reflected in our regular dialogue with companies of all sizes and in the systematic voting at general meetings by the companies in which we hold shares. Through dialogue, we aim to help companies make progress in their ESG commitments, and to check that their results are truthful, with governance issues and climate matters subject to specific monitoring efforts.


100% of our asset portfolios decarbonised by 2050, with targets every 5 years

Our third key principle is exclusions: we exclude investments in non-cooperative states and regions, jurisdictions with a high risk of money laundering and terrorist financing, anti-personnel mines and cluster munitions, tobacco, thermal coal and unconventional energy (companies significantly exposed to shale oil and gas, oil sands, oil and gas from the Arctic)..


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