Contributing to the development of sustainable river logistics in Paris with Fludis®

On 25 September, Banque des Territoires, the Program of Investments for the Future (French acronym: PIA) through its City of Tomorrow action (Ville de demain) and the Idec Group signed their participation in the €1.3mn capital increase by Amme to support the development of the Fludis® project: ensuring last mile delivery via a warehouse boat and electric vehicles carrying pallets.


Le futur bateau Fludis®

This innovation, which will be launched on the Seine to supply Paris and its inner suburbs, relies on the use of a mobile boat warehouse with a hybrid engine and electric utility vehicles transporting pallets: Cyclofrets®. The market targeted by Fluidis® is that of scattered deliveries (parcels or pallets) which generates the most movement downtown and is a cause of nuisances.

Goods are loaded and grouped outside of urban centres, sorted on-board the boat during navigation times, loaded onto Cyclofrets® and unloaded during stops in town centres: this eliminates the many kilometres travelled by traditional land vehicles, which reduces congestion and pollution.


Banque des Territoires and the Programme of Investments for the Future (PIA) Ville de demain therefore continue their commitment to ecological and energy transition and maintain their desire to offer new solutions for the transport of goods in cities and for urban logistics. With this increase in capital, the boat’s construction was able to launch mid-September and it should be ready in July 2019.


Le futur bateau Fludis®


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