Depositing your urban development plan funds for consignment

If you are looking to develop your local area sustainably and responsibly, and have the City of tomorrow in mind: public transport, tourism and leisure infrastructure, buildings, digital technology ... If you are taking renewable energy sources and respect for biodiversity on board in your projects as well as the demographic transition: we can fund, secure and support your ambitions.

Public institution services

Securing compulsory purchase compensation

Are you encountering difficulties relating to compulsory purchase compensation payment? Have these payment difficulties still not been settled by the time possession is taken of the property?
The French Compulsory Purchase Code provides for consignment of the compensation in the event of payment obstacles in different scenarios.

Secure the pre-emption procedure

Are you conducting an urban development project in the general interest? Is the pre-emption procedure proving difficult to implement? Do these difficulties concern the sales amount or its payment? The French Urban Planning Code provides for the obligation to deposit funds for consignment.

Guaranteeing completion of subdivision work

Are you carrying out a subdivision project? Is your completion work deferred? Would you like to furnish your main contractor with all the necessary guarantees for the project's completion? You have the option of depositing a sum equivalent to the cost of the deferred work.

Securing revitalisation funds

Are companies subject to a revitalisation obligation in your local area? If your labour catchment areas are to thrive, they need secure funds and effective operations. To meet this target, the funds you’re going to pay out will need securing. We offer two solutions: consignment, to attribute these funds in the form of subsidies, or trust, for funds used in the form of reimbursable advances.

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