The Caisse des Dépôts group supports local authorities in digitally equipping their territories and is involved in the development of innovative digital services and uses.

Reducing the digital divide in territories

We support the public players with our expertise in terms of engineering and financing to accelerate the digital development of territories.
We contribute to the funding and deployment of new very high speed internet networks (THD), including in areas with a low population density.
We support innovative companies to help them to gain in terms of competitiveness and to shape their industry, in France and internationally.
We invest in the financing of innovation to support SMEs’ and middle-market companies’ investment in new digital solution integration projects.


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Developing uses

We support the local authorities by contributing to the development of different local digital ecosystems: deployment of telecentres, implementation of the world’s largest digital company incubator ( Halle Freyssinet) and stepping up our actions for higher education.
We participate in innovative programmes which are outlining the cities of the future. From transport to the environment, we deploy smart technology and improve the quality of “living together”.

Offering trusted digital services

We support the deployment of e-administration, which constitutes an important part of the French state’s reform and the modernisation of the civil service.

As a service provider, we are developing a range of digital trust solutions ranging from the digitisation of processes and flows, to the preservation of  data integrity  which is entrusted to us.

We have put in place the personal training account (CPF) and we ensure its management.

We manage, on the French state’s behalf, dormant bank accounts and unclaimed life insurance contracts via a dedicated site which will open to the public on 01 January 2017.

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