Ecology and energy

The Caisse des Dépôts group is completely mobilised to take on the ecological and energy challenge that the country is experiencing. We are developing operational solutions for companies in local areas to contribute to a better performing society, more restrained in terms of the consumption of natural resources and energy. We also play a leading role in terms of preserving natural environments and biodiversity.

Encouraging the energy mix

We invest in the sector of renewable energies and support the growth of different promising sectors: wind, biomass, photovoltaic, hydraulic.
We finance the production and supply of energy in line with the public policies and the major operators. Our actions contribute to energy decentralisation.
Our support is for large-scale projects as much as for territorial initiatives, via supporting local authorities.


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Promoting and protecting natural resources

We are developing forestry investment and the promotion of woodworking professions which we are committed to operating sustainably.
We manage the forestry assets of French institutional investors and a growing number of forestry groups and private owners.

The number one operator in environmental  biodiversity offsetting, we provide concrete responses to the challenges of promoting and protecting natural resources by funding, over the long-term, restoration and natural space management projects in agreement with the local players.
We are strengthening our commitments and developing new businesses. We carry out territorial collective projects with a long-term approach, by encouraging greater ecological consistency.

Supporting green economy companies

We put in place specific financial measures to support the emerging players from the sector and structure innovative industries. We fund low carbon projects, the production of renewable energy, energy saving solutions as well as ecological and energy transition companies.

Committing to research

The Group, relying on its researchers and experts, is contributing to the public debate by bringing innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.

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