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Ecology transition: a partnership with Airparif for Icade

On 30 June Icade and Airparif signed a partnership agreement to work together on projects related to the improvement of air quality. A city of tomorrow involved actor, Icade wishes to support Airparif in its general activity regarding Ile-de-France air quality monitoring and information.

Property & housing

E Baboulin et JF Bernard
Airparif, a body approved by the French Ministry of the Environment, has undertaken to provide its expertise to support Icade, which set itself the priority goal of both preventing air pollution and reducing the CO2 emissions on its industrial estates by 40% between 2011 and 2020.





City Tree à La Défense

Icade and Green City Solutions have installed the first two CityTrees in La Défense business district on the Eqho tower forecourt. This first private installation of an experimental initiative in France will have its effectiveness in terms of treating outdoor air checked by Airparif in the coming months. In the form of a 4m high, 3m wide and 60 cm deep block, the CityTree includes two façades covered in natural moss formed by vascular plants. It is a recreational area connected to the city which is also designed to filter ambient air.


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