Egis: two buildings for the Hospital Center in Le Mans

Within the framework of the modernization of its real estate proerty, the Hospital Center in Le Mans entrusted Egis with a project management agreement. It is about the construction of two buildings, of 2,000sqm and 10,000sqm, the delivery of which is planned in December, 2018.

Medical-social sector and solidarity

The new buildings will communicate with the existing facilities, integrating seamlessly into the rest of the hospital. The first of the two, 12,000 m 2 in area, will accommodate several departments plus the hospital's main entrance. The second, of 10 000 m 2, will make it possible to bring together under a single roof medical specialties currently dispersed between several different buildings.

Egis' part of the project is divided into two phases: a design phase scheduled to run until April 2016, followed by the construction phase, starting in September of that year. The project will make the most of BIM by Egis technology, a digital design process that can create interactive simulations and factor in a range of data (costs, deadlines, etc.).

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