The Caisse des Dépôts group is the number one institutional investor in the equity of French companies. By supporting the middle-market companies and SMEs, with projects that provide growth, we are fulfilling one of our founding missions: contributing to the economic development of the country.

Supporting company growth

We provide companies with the financial solutions required at all stages of their development, with loans and equity, in particular in segments less covered by the market. We also provide guarantees to allow for the financing of higher risk projects.
We give them the means for their growth by mobilising other players in investment capital and by seeking capital from foreign partners.


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Preparing for future competiveness

We support the industries of the future and offer solutions suited to innovative companies. As such, we are involved in the competitive cluster and technology transfer acceleration companies (SATT) scheme, which we manage on behalf of the French state in the context of the Programme of Investments for the Future (PIA).
We give companies the means to develop internationally: supporting entrepreneurs and deploying a comprehensive range of export financing (prospection, tarde debt, buyer and seller credit).
We act as an exemplary stakeholder in the funding of the Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS) by providing our support to associative networks and by supporting the creation and the spread of small businesses.
We assist private and public research to better promote their portfolio of patents, within an international dimension.

Stimulating entrepreneurship

We contribute to creating an ecosystem favourable to the development of companies, thanks to privileged partnerships with local players.
We support companies at the key stages in their growth: formation (to allow entrepreneurs to identify the growth factors and to get started with different learning drivers); networking between the heads of companies and with potential financers; consultancy assistance (notably export advice, awareness raising and guidance in mergers and acquisitions).

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