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SSE Month - A study to support the development of SSE companies

Caisse des Dépôts is a partner of the Month of the Social & Solidarity Economy (SSE, French acronym: ESS), held every year in November.  To better situate the strategic positioning of ESS companies and identify the levers for their development, the Inter-Ministerial Delegation to ESS, the General Directorate for Enterprises and Caisse des Dépôts led the achievement of a study on 4 economic sectors with high growth potential.


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The study was carried out by the CMI-Auxilia-Le Comptoir de l’Innovation group in the context of the Inter-ministerial Centre for Forecasting and Anticipating Economic Changes (PIPAME).


The SSE includes 165,000 companies and employs nearly 2.4 million people (13% of private sector employment) in various sectors. It is a formidable source for social innovation, solidarity and sustainable development.


The SSE has undeniable assets (innovation capacity, rooted in the territories, a virtuous human resources management model, etc.) but needs companies of a more significant size, with increased visibility, consolidated economic models, etc.

 The sectors studied concern:

  • Short food supply and commercial production chains to consumers;
  • Collection, recycling of waste, manufacturing and the sale of recycled raw materials, the manufacturing and sale of second hand or reconstituted products;
  • Eco-construction and thermal renovation of buildings;
  • Assistance for elderly people.


The study offers SSE stakeholders several drivers for development and is available on esspace.fr website and on the DGE website: https://www.entreprises.gouv.fr/etudes-et-statistiques/developpement-economie-sociale-et-solidaire

(both in French)


Caisse des Dépôts is the partner of the Social and Solidarity Economy Month, which takes place every year in November overall in France. With over 2,000 events to discover an economy which makes sense, it is a real window into the initiatives of the SSE stakeholders. To find out all about this event, see its website (in French).


















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