€104mn more for the first five SATTs

On 26 February, Emmanuel Macron, Geneviève Fioraso and Louis Schweitzer announced further financing, for a €104mn total amount, for the first five Companies of acceleration of technology transfer (SATT) created in 2012, via the maturation fund co-managed by ANR and Caisse des Dépôts for the behalf of the State.

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The decision by the Minister of the Economy, Industry and the Digital Sector , the Minister of State for Higher Education and Research and the General Investment Commissioner to continue funding the scheme was taken following a three-yearly assessment of the five SATTs carried out by the National Agency for Research ( ANR ) in June 2014.

Technology transfer is a key driver of innovation. Three years after the introduction of a far-reaching programme to accelerate the transfer of technology emerging from public research laboratories with the creation, in several waves, of a total of 14 SATTs, the French State has now decided to provide further funding to five of them. After three years in activity, this funding will now enable the chosen recipients to continue supporting projects in the maturation phase over the next three years.


New funding for 1 st wave SATTs:

The 14 SATTs created to date have access to over €850mn of maturation funding to finance the creation and operation of the SATTs and their investments. The initial overall results are encouraging: about €70mn invested, 2,900 projects identified, 540 patents registered, over 140 operating licences signed with French businesses and around 40 start-ups receiving a boost to their development.


As part of the Programme of Investments for the Future ( PIA ), the French State set up a national fund for the commercialisation of research (FNV) with funding of over €950mn, to finance 14 SATTs (€856mn), France Brevets (€50mn) and commercialisation consortia in certain sectors (€50mn). The FNV is jointly managed by the ANR and Caisse des Dépôts on behalf of the State.

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