€13mn in loans on savings funds for the reconstruction of the Local Hospital Center in Beaumont sur Sarthe

The foundation stone of the future Local Hospital Center in Beaumont sur Sarthe was laid on 29 September. The investment of more than €19mn benefits from more than €13mn in loans on savings funds by Caisse des Dépôts and of the subsidies brought by the ARS, Pays de la Loire Region and Sarthe department.

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The Regional Health Agency (ARS) of Pays de la Loire, the Region, the Départemental Council, the Mayor and President of the Supervisory Board and the Director of the Nord Sarthe Geriatric Centre participated in this symbolic ceremony (the project for the total reconstruction of the facility began in October 2014).

With an area of 6,978m², the facility will be delivered in June 2016. It will include 84 Ehpad beds (Accommodation Establishment for Dependant Elderly People) and 30 USLD beds (Long-Term Care Unit). It will allow for the diversification of the care offer for people with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders, in accordance with the Pays de La Loire Interdépartemental Disabled and Loss of Independence Support Programme (PRIAC) and the Alzheimer’s Plan.

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