Financing and Supporting the ecologic and energy transition

We invest in the energy transition sector in the context of the national energy transition and sustainable development strategy.

The public policy defined at national and European level particularly sets out to increase the share of renewable energies to 32%, cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030, and to halve energy consumption by 2050.

We are thus hoping to step up our role as a leading player in the energy generation tools that form a strategic asset for local areas and the country's economy.

Striking a better balance in the power generation mix in favour of renewable energies by addressing the whole of the energy storage, supply, transport and generation chain is our priority. Through our expertise and investments, we are therefore lending a hand in the threefold development of the energy system decided on by the public authorities :

  • Gradual decentralisation requiring local area energy planning coordinated by local authorities to be taken on board;
  • Deregulation of the energy sector, to which we are contributing through balanced action between SMEs and corporate giants, helping them to stay competitive;
  • Replacement of an administered price system with a market-oriented organisation.

Renewable energy generation

Off- or onshore wind farms, solar photovoltaic panels, geothermal energy, hydroelectricity ... we look into investments in innovative projects which have a potential for development on a case-by-case basis.

We also get involved in "industrial" type projects calling for material flow management: biomass power stations and anaerobic digestion plants, or energy recovery from waste, etc.

Energy networks

Heating and cooling networks are key aspects for the development of renewable energies, and are increasingly a tool for local area energy planning. We therefore study innovative projects making use of technologies aimed at optimising generation, supply and use of the energy network. Services accelerating the system's transformation by integration into markets (aggregator and load curtailer professions) are given precedence.

Energy storage

In terms of energy storage, we favour solutions of the Power2Gaz or pumped storage station type for example.

Energy efficiency on industrial sites

We focus on projects that intend to improve corporate competitiveness, particularly by cutting energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and corporate conformity to the requirements of the EU emissions trading scheme (EU-ETS).

These projects address dedicated energy generation means, upgrading of a site's utilities, energy recovery technologies and energy storage and transport means for example.

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