Financing your real estate investments

In the real estate sector, we can support you in your investments, in developing your projects, in managing your portfolio and in developing, assessing and promoting your portfolio. We can provide you with assistance from the design stages.

Public institution services

Supporting your real estate projects

We invest in your real estate projects primarily in neighbourhoods listed under the "Politique de la Ville" programme aimed at re-enhancing certain so-called "sensitive" urban areas and at reducing social inequality in local areas (Anru /Caisse des Dépôts 2014-2020 agreement, with the ZFU, ZUS, etc) such as: brownfield land redevelopment (urban, hospital, military, portside, industrial, etc.); emerging local areas (Antilles, La Réunion with simultaneous qualification in energy performance terms, etc.); industrial sites and competitiveness clusters.

Boosting shops and social work real estate

We help to bring a fresh boost to shops in community neighbourhoods and town centres – a major aspect of urban renovation policies – and get involved in the health and social work sector aimed at reorganising healthcare services available to low-income households. We also pay special attention to local shops that have signed an urban social cohesion contract or in support of policies aimed at diversifying a neighbourhood's range of businesses.

Subsidiaries’ services

Building or retrofitting your public buildings

Would you like to enhance and manage over the long term your public property portfolio? The SNI Group provides the different public authorities with solutions both for new builds and restructuring existing buildings. It manages a range of infrastructure (including municipal halls, revenue offices, barracks and nurseries).

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