FIPHFP: supporting disabled employees throughout their career

On 15 October, the guide to support the disabled employees during their professional life, the 1st publication by the Scientific Council of the FIPHFP *, was submitted to Ségolène Neuville, the Secretary of State in charge of the Disabled and of the Fight against social exclusion.

Medical-social sector and solidarityHuman resources

This methodological guide is designed for public employers and officials in charge of implementing support (human resources, psychologists, occupational health, trade union or associative representatives) for disabled people. It is divided into three parts:
  • the 1st part gives an assessment of the policies and practices already identified in terms of support, via a review of the scientific literature on the subject;
  • the 2nd recounts, from monographs coming from 4 public employers (French state, territorial and hospital public services as well as a public establishment), innovative and successful experiences carried out in supporting disabled officials;
  • in the 3rd, the overlap between empirical research and field observations allows for the elaboration of support practice development suggestions, valid both in the public and private sector.

The guide makes it easier to acquire reference points to promote effective, long-lasting and shared support with disabled colleagues.

The scientific board of the FIPHFP was put in place when the new national committee was implemented at the start of 2013. An advisory body made up of people recognised for their social, economic, associative and medical expertise in the area of disability, it aims to reflect on all the challenges linked to employment policy for disabled people, in the context of 2014-2018 roadmap objectives for the FIPHFP. The fund is managed by Caisse des Dépôts within its pensions and solidarity management.

“L’accompagnement des agents en situation de handicap au cours de leur vie professionnelle” (The Support for disabled public servants over the course of their career) guide, published by Chronique Sociale, is on sale for the price of €6.

*Fund for the insertion of disabled people in the public sector

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