FIPHFP: Tour de France des régions ended in Corsica

The regional forum of the FIPHFP for Corsica, which was held on 21 September in Ajaccio, ended the series of forums launched in 2012. Since then, the event was held in 26 French Regions to highlight and favor the employment of disabled people in all the public services.

Medical-social sector and solidarity

Caisse des Dépôts manages Fonds pour l’insertion des personnes handicapées dans la fonction publique (FIPHFP – Fund for Integrating Disabled People into the Civil Service). The forum held on 21 September brought together almost 70 FIPHFP employers and partners, and it was opened by Jean-Charles Watiez, the Manager of the FIPHFP, Julie-Agathe Bakalowicz, the Caisse des Dépôts Regional Manager, and François Lalanne, the Secretary General for Corsican Affairs.

The various speakers emphasised the progress made in relation to integrating disabled people into the civil service through the progress made by interventions by the FIPHFP for the benefit of public employers and the legal employment rate of disabled people. Corsica stands out with a legal employment rate of about 8%.

However, there is still progress to be made (supporting people suffering psychological, mental, or cognitive disabilities, accessibility of public employers’ work premises); over and above the employment rate (which is no more than an indicator), we must continue to put in place high-quality policies on disability that deal with matters of keeping people in employment and of integrating disabled people into the civil service.


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