Fostering and taking action for biodiversity and natural resource protection

If your local area is mindful of its environmental impact and you are committed to protecting biodiversity; you are looking for investment funds, loans or specialists for valuing your initiatives and going further in your commitments: we can assist with all your projects in favour of the ecology and energy transition.

Subsidiaries’ services

Innovating by taking biodiversity on board in your work

Would you like to be ahead of the game and/or anticipate the regulations regarding biodiversity? CDC Biodiversité factors biodiversity protection into your projects. From the analysis of your regulatory requirements to the definition and implementation of a biodiversity strategy in tune with your activity sector, we help you to instil value in your projects.

Training in Biodiversity

Would you like to gain skills in Biodiversity? We can give you a helping hand to successfully factor biodiversity into your corporate strategy. As an accredited training organisation, CDC Biodiversité can provide you with customised training tailored to your line of business and projects.

Conducting the necessary land-related procedures for environmental compensation

If you would like to call on a land service provider who can provide a competent team in major areas, perform studies and land-related procedures at the stage of applying for exemption from CNPN or DREAL or secure via acquisition or contracting the necessary land for environmental compensation, then SCET can support you in all these projects.

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