The foundation stone of the new Ehpad and USLD of the Hospital Center in Sarlat laid

On 18 May, the Caisse des Dépôts Aquitaine Regional Office participated in the laying of the foundation stone of the new Ehpad* and USLD of the Hospital Center in Sarlat.

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The ceremony was attended by Christophe Bay, the Prefect of Dordogne, Germinal Peiro, the President of Dordogne Departmental Council and MP for Dordogne, Monique Janicot, the Director of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) territorial delegation in Dordogne, Jean-Jacques de Peretti, the Mayor of Sarlat, ex-minister and the President of the Supervisory Board of Sarlat Hospital and Thierry Lefèbvre, the Director of the Périgeux and Sarlat hospitals.

The plan to build a unit comprising 60 EHPAD and USLD beds is part of a regional project to develop and modernise the geriatric sector. The new unit will increase capacity and improve facilities for the accommodation and care of residents, and so maintain continued provision of services to the rural area around Sarlat.

The overall cost of the operation will be €5.6mn, towards which the hospital will receive grants from Dordogne departmental council, the ARS and the National Agency for Solidarity and Independence (CNSA). Caisse des Dépôts will support the financial effort made by the authorities in support of the hospital by setting a PHARE loan out savings funds of €4.2mn.

Work is scheduled to begin in June 2015 for completion by September 2016.


*EHPAD: nursing home for the dependent elderly - USLD: long-term care unit

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