Greater Paris: discover the video of a singular and exceptional development project

With its experience and a range of unique expertise, the Caisse des Dépôts Group is first in line to support the achievement of Greater Paris beside the public authorities and communities.
To present and value this project of an outstanding scale, a promotional video that showcases the economic attractiveness of our territory was produced by the State (Prefecture of Ile-de-France, Société du Grand Paris and Métropole du Grand Paris).

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The film offers a reminder of the considerable assets of Europe’s leading metropolis. Its aim is to showcase the city’s uniqueness, reminding us that the strengths of the French capital lie as much in the exceptional influence it wields as a metropolis as in the historical and cultural depth of a two-thousand-year-old world city. Given the energy and audacity that France is showing here, there can be no doubt that what is currently under way is the largest project for urban, economic, social, and environmental transformation for a century: building the Greater Paris Metropolis by building Paris beyond its historic limits.

For inhabitants and for international investors, the Metropolis offers three main strands of development: creating value, cultural emotion, and social links.

Watch the film “Créons ensemble la métropole du Grand Paris” (“Let’s Build the Greater Paris Metropolis together”) (in French)


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