Haute-Normandie: an innovation day to support autonomy

On 4 February in Rouen, the Seine-Maritime département and the Regional Office of Caisse des Dépôts gathered 270 people to validate the territorial diagnosis concerning the elderly and to co-build in collaborative workshops answers about: living autonomous at home, and in connection with the others.

Territory developmentMedical-social sector and solidarity

Seine-Maritime is the first department in France to implement the "@utonomy and ageing well in the regions" approach devised by Caisse des Dépôts, an approach that takes as its starting-point the needs of the elderly rather than whatever solutions may happen to be available, and is committed to this demand-driven rather than supply-driven outlook and to translating it into an operational action plan that takes into account every dimension – social, solidarity, health and technology – of the issue.

The approach will move forward to set up rules of governance bringing together the main players (Carsat pensions agency, Regional Health Agency, the Region) and to implement the recommendations that emerge from the day's discussions.

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