I would like to obtain information on my pension (current or future). I would like to contact my pension company.

To get answers to these questions, there is a wealth of documentation, FAQs and contact forms on the sites of the schemes managed by Caisse des Dépôts.

Identify the pension scheme that interests you and access, with a few clicks, all the information offered :

- CNRACL, pension provider for permanent civil servants of local authorities and hospital institutions,

- Ircantec, additional pension institution for contractual agents of the three civil service bodies (the French state, territorial authorities and hospitals) and of local representatives,

- RAFP, civil service additional pension scheme for state employees of the three civil service bodies,

- FSPOEIE, special fund for civil service pensions of public sector manual workers

- Retraite des mines,

- SASPA : relevant French national solidarity fund which pays the solidarity benefit to elderly people (ASPA) for certain particularly vulnerable beneficiary categories.

To see all the managed funds, go to the pension and solidarity scheme management portal.

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