Icade: an ambitious three-year growth plan

On 30 November, Icade presented its three-year five-track strategic plan: finding an exit solution for the Services business, a better profitability of the Property development activities, the optimization of the Business Parks portfolio, the improvement of the Offices’ profitability and the reinforcement of the leadership of the Healthcare business.

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Icade Plan de croissance
On 30 November, André Martinez, the Chairman of Icade’s Board, and Olivier Wigniolle, the Chief Executive Officer, presented their strategic plan for Icade, which received unanimous support from the Board of Directors, specially the clear five-track strategic roadmap:


  • finding an exit solution for the Services business;
  • targeting a profitability of the property development activities in line with its peers and build synergies with the Investment activities;
  • optimizing the business parks portfolio by focusing on the assets demonstrating the highest value creation potential;
  • improving the Offices’ profitability through property development and enlarge the investment scope to the major French cities;
  • reinforcing the leadership of the Healthcare business on the French market through selective acquisitions and active asset management.


To know more about Icade strategic plan, read the press release

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