Icade: opening the Nanterre hospital towards its neighbourhood

With their project Nanterre Partagée, Crédit Agricole Immobilier, Icade and Novaxia consortium, with CDU, have been selected by the Greater Paris Metropolis (Métropole du Grand Paris) to develop the site of the Centre d'accueil et de soins hospitaliers (CASH – Hospital Center) in Nanterre in the framework of the Inventons la Métropole du Grand Paris 2 competition.


Property & housing

Le futur site du CASH de Nanterre

As part of its modernisation/restructuring, CASH will free up over 2 hectares which will be redeveloped to open the hospital to its neighbourhood. Designed in close collaboration with the inhabitants of Nanterre, and forming a link with the Petit Nanterre sector, this site will combine neighbourhood solidarity, nature-related joint activities and places of meeting and sharing.


The historical building will be kept, restored, and surrounded by 29,000 sq.m. of housing space (259 evolving housing units of various kinds), shared housing (Cohab residence), a student residence (for students of the Institute for nursing training on the CASH site), a mobility residence, a participatory café and a bilingual Montessori school.


The programme is defined by its energy performance, its optimised management of rainwater and its low-carbon strategy. The materials taken from the demolished buildings will be reused on-site, and Zinc-air batteries - and EDF innovation - will store the energy produced by photovoltaic panels.


Icade will act as the leader of the consortium and will coordinate all stages of the project.



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