Inauguration of the 100% electric shuttles at Parc Icade Paris Orly-Rungis

On 1st March, Icade and Transdev inaugurated an innovative service of 100% electric buses for the employees and the visitors at Parc Icade Paris Orly-Rungis. Regular during rush hour and on demand in off-peak hours, they will allow more than 1,200 travelers a month to connect Pont de Rungis RER station as well as Orly Airport western terminal.

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La navette Icade 100 % électrique
Since January 2017, Icade has entrusted the Transdev group – via its subsidiary Transdev BBM – with running this new service. The mobile app Zenbus allows travellers to monitor their vehicle in real-time and track the remaining time until the nearest stop; there is free Wi-Fi on the shuttle buses.


Inauguration of this innovative, sustainable mobility service on Parc Icade Paris Orly-Rungis comes within the context of the broader roll-out of the ambitious quality of life improvement plan launched by Icade for its business estates. At the same time, charging stations for electric vehicles have been installed across the whole of Parc Icade Paris Orly-Rungis


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