Inauguration of the Care Home in Roanne

The new Espace de santé (Care Home) in Roanne, scheduled to open on 23 April, was inaugurated on 7 April. Caisse des Dépôts supported this medical home by investing 46% in SCI Espace Santé for an amount of nearly €550,000 in equity.

Medical-social sector and solidarity

L'Espace de santé de Roanne

After several months of work to completely restructure two buildings that have been unoccupied for several years and an investment of over €3.7mn, this 2,300m² health space offers an ideally placed centre that is very practical for medical professionals and their patients, in the heart of the town of Roanne, within easy reach of the future shopping centre of Sully-Foch island. It was backed by Semop de Roanne, another Caisse des Dépôts investment.


In a multi-disciplinary health establishment (5 GPs, 5 paramedical practices), you will find specialists, dentists, orthodontist, implantologists, opticians, hearing aid specialists, pharmacists, as well as the head office of Santé Mut Roanne and a shared activity room geared towards preventive health.


55 health and social jobs have, as such, been created or regrouped, offering high-performing health services for the Roanne residents, an area classified as vulnerable by the Regional health agency.


Visited by the Chief Executive Officer of Caisse des Dépôts during his 1st trip to the region on 18 January, this project contributes to the revitalisation of the Roanne town centre, the application of which was selected in the context of the “Coeur de ville” City Centre plan.


Inauguration de l'Espace de santé de Roanne



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