The Caisse des Dépôts group is standing with citizens and is offering them, at each stage of their life, solutions adapted to their financial, protection, insurance and also pension needs.

Protecting all individuals

We design and manage life insurance, pension, provident scheme, health and loan hedging solutions, provided by partners who are well established in their market.
We respond to the needs of companies, local authorities, mutual funds, associations and banks.
We insure 28 million people with provident and protection schemes and 13 million with savings and pensions worldwide.


Find out our services for:
Financing at all stages of life

We respond to security needs thanks to a comprehensive range of insurance products: dependence, life, funeral, personal accident, health and home care.
We help families to confront the growing uncertainties that they are experiencing by offering a large range of contracts like life insurance.
We also offer individuals specific pension savings products, guaranteeing life time incomes.
We provide loan hedging for individual loan-seekers with various financial institutions, as well as for members of partner mutual funds.

The Group’s players:


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