Insurance actuary

Specialists in mathematics applied to finance and insurance operations, our actuaries analyse the technical and financial impact of risks.

Le métier d'actuaire en assurance
As experts in insurance “products” they contribute to the drawing up of commercial bids through feasibility and profitability studies for the launch of new products and pricing of new products or securities.

As financial experts, they contribute to the steering of the company’s financial results: calculation of the company’s intrinsic value (“embedded value”); evaluation of the balance between the loss ratio and customer account provisions; evaluation of the financial profitability of contract portfolios; valuation and modelling of monitoring and management tools.

Our actuaries’ added value resides in the experience they have acquired in an area which allows them to select the correct approaches and variables, to choose hypotheses which solve problems posed and to make recommendations adapted to the context.


With a scientific educational background (mathematics, probability, statistics, information technology, etc), CNP’s actuaries not only master the financial environment but also legal, tax, accounting and commercial aspects, as well as IT tools and techniques.

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