Internal responsibility

Our corporate responsibility policy requires us to act on all our extra-financial impacts, including on our internal operation. Our priorities for action include the deployment of a responsible procurement plan, improving the energy performance of buildings, controlling resource and consumable consumption, optimising staff journeys, sorting waste and developing responsible mass catering through an offer of organic, certified products, produced locally or coming from short supply chains.


Since 2010, the public body has been undertaking an organisational corporate responsibility policy1 via its “Ecotidien, ensemble protégeons notre environnement” programme. The oversight of this programme is ensured by a body dedicated to internal CSR, directly reporting to the group’s general secretary.

The aim of this programme is to reduce Caisse des Dépôts’ greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with national targets. As per article 75 of the Grenelle II French law, Caisse des Dépôts is carrying out its carbon footprint report© every three years. The last one, carried out in 2013, included all the direct and indirect emissions of the public body in the context of its internal operations.

A training and awareness raising measure for staff has also been implemented.


On a group level, the subsidiaries’ commitment is manifested through internal action programmes adapted to the challenges of our subsidiaries. These programmes, managed independently within each entity, all have the aim of controlling the environmental and societal effects due to their own operation.

Respecting commitments made by our subsidiaries is ensured through the adoption of internal certification (ISO 14 001, SD 21 000, HQE operation) initiatives, responding to environmental criteria in their management process and in the sustainable management of their premises.


[1] The organisational corporate social responsibility concept describes policies voluntarily implemented by organisations to contribute to sustainable development. Although the scope of organisational corporate social responsibility in theory includes companies, this term is generally employed to describe initiatives from public organisations (international organisations, public institutions, etc.)

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