Investing in Terres Neuves, the largest photovoltaic farm in Normandy

On 15 May, West Energies and Banque des Territoires signed the acquisition of the largest photovoltaic farm in Normandy, for a total amount of €12.3mn: Les Terres Neuves, located in Saint-Etienne-sous Bailleul and La Chapelle-Longueville.

Energy and the environment

Panneaux solaires

Developed by company RES, this 18-hectare farm located on a former industrial site will be up and running in the coming weeks. It is comprised of 127,800 photovoltaic panels for an installed capacity of 15.3 MWp*: the electricity consumed by 6,000 households.

With this acquisition, Banque des Territoires offers its support to a project providing structure in the field of renewable energies and supports West Energies - a mixed capital enterprise in which it holds shares - with the fulfilment of its business plan.



* 1 megawatt peak (MWp) is the equivalent of 1 million watt peaks. Watt peak is used to measure the power of photovoltaic panels.


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