Investments for the future: Bpifrance creates the 1st international build-up fund for SMEs and ETIs

The Build-up International fund, managed by Bpifrance as part of the €200mn Programme of Investment for the Future (French acronym: PIA) was launched on 13 September. It will assist independent French SMEs and ETIs in their build-up strategies abroad.


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The International Build-up fund aims to eliminate the obstacles to the international development of French companies and to help them conquer new markets. International openness is one of the main levers for corporate growth. The fund will co-invest alongside French SMEs and Intermediate-sized enterprises when acquiring a company abroad, thereby sharing the financial risks and the risks of realising the project. Supported companies will benefit from tailored assistance from Bpifrance and its network of partners.

The fund targets SMEs with turnovers of over €20mn and Intermediate-sized enterprises of up to €1.5bn in turnover, as part of external growth operations of a value of €10mn to €150mn. It contributes towards acquiring companies by directly investing in their capital with amounts ranging from €3mn to €30mn alongside French SMEs or Intermediate-sized companies. In total, the fund plans to assist 15 to 20 companies over the next 3 years for a total acquisition amount of €500mn to €1bn.


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